12 Must-Have Rustic Decorations for Your Garden Wedding

12 Must-Have Rustic Decorations for Your Garden Wedding

By farmhillsgarden
In February 6, 2018

A rustic wedding theme is far from being new, but it remains to be a popular option for many reasons: it’s chic, timeless and unrefined. In fact, even when you have seen so many weddings hopping on the bandwagon, every single one still feels unique down to the last rustic detail.

If you love to bring a warm and natural feel to your wedding, then a rustic theme seems only fitting on your big day. There’s just so many wonderful rustic décors to get inspiration from and we have listed down some of those we think are best in the breed!

12 Must-Have Rustic Decorations for Your Garden Wedding


Choosing decorations for your rustic themed wedding is not at all difficult. In fact, you can never go far wrong with this theme as it’s not only easy to style, but the resources you will be needing are pretty affordable and easily accessible too.

Let us help you with Your Rustic Themed Wedding

Here at Farm Hills Garden, we can help you achieve your dream wedding by providing one of the best venues in Tagaytay. We offer a serene location that is already beautiful in itself and will only need minimal touch ups– keeping true to the simplicity of a rustic theme. Contact us today and let us help you to your journey to happy ever after!

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